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ChecklistHere are some articles coming down the pipeline. Use the comment box below to add your suggestions or vote for one that is already listed.

If the box is checked, you can click on the link to see the article.

  1. checkedHow to shut off the water
  2. uncheckedHow to install a ceiling fan
  3. uncheckedHow to hang a mirror or picture
  4. uncheckedHow to caulk windows
  5. uncheckedHow to repair holes in walls
  6. uncheckedHow to fix a running toilet
  7. uncheckedHow to fix a leaky faucet
  8. checkedHow to shut off the power
  9. checkedHow to replace a torn door screen
  10. checkedHow to install a utility box
  11. uncheckedHow to insulate an attic
  12. uncheckedHow to stop air leaks
  13. uncheckedHow to change air filters
  14. uncheckedHow to avoid lint fires
  15. uncheckedHow to spot trouble in walls, ceilings, and floors
  16. uncheckedHow to wire a new light fixture
  17. uncheckedHow to paint a wall
  18. uncheckedHow to install a dishwasher
  19. uncheckedHow to decide when to call a pro
  20. uncheckedHow to decide whether to rent or buy tools
  21. uncheckedHow to install hardwood floors
  22. uncheckedHow to make a tile backsplash
  23. uncheckedHow to cut and polish granite
  24. uncheckedHow to insulate recessed lights
  25. uncheckedHow to install floor tiles
  26. uncheckedHow to cut and install molding
  27. uncheckedHow to hang drywall
  28. uncheckedHow to install cabinets
  29. uncheckedHow to install a new door
  30. uncheckedHow to replace a lock or doorknob
  31. uncheckedHow to clean windows
  32. checkedHow to cut stainless steel cable
  33. uncheckedHow to install a central vacuum system
  34. checkedHow to keep pipes from freezing



5 thoughts on “Add to the punch list”

  1. Gary, We have a water pipe that extends under our porch to a faucet on the front. Every fall we turn it off and drain it and every spring it has burst over the winter. We have also put insulation around it. What do you think would work?

    1. Sometimes there is a low spot in the pipe so it doesn’t totally drain out or there could be a little leak in the shutoff valve that lets water build up and freeze in the pipe. If you have an outlet nearby, you could wrap the pipe with heat tape. I’ll try to post an article on it this week.

    2. I didn’t realize until recently that people weren’t getting a notice when I replied to their comments. I added a plugin that should fix that problem. Please see my earlier reply to your comment.

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